The Shetland Division, often called 6U or T-Ball, can be one of the most fun, exhilarating, and stressful time son a coach's life.  But it is ALL worth it. 

Shetland (6U) focuses on instruction for the beginning player. Players learn the fundamentals of baseball. Game play utilizes the batting tee. A Safe-soft ball is used for safety. Games are limited to one hour and all team members bat and play the field each inning. When possible, players are assigned to teams with their schoolmates. There are no tryouts.  An emphasis is placed on scheduling games with teams from within the same District. All coaches are volunteers.

Shetland Division is not about discovering the next Robinson Cano, Kyle Seager or dare we say... Junior.

This is the level where we try to build some skills, but more importantly, build a permanent love of the game.

We have found many useful tips and practice plans.  Please help yourself.

Shetland Division Rules

12 things about coaching T-ball

Practice Plans Can be combined and altered to fit your needs)

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